Houston Flooded Home Recovery Steps for Mitigation

Houston Flood Support

Roadrunner to assist flood damaged home recovery

Due to the recent devastation caused to Houston area homes and commercial buildings by Hurricane Harvey, many home and business owners will begin the process of rebuilding.

One important early step in the process is to mitigate the damages have suffered (This is your responsibility as per your insurance policy… It’s in the fine print!). This entails such tedious and messy tasks like: clearing the debris, removal of flooring/sheet rock/insulation, and cleaning/sanitizing.

If your home has flooded due to Hurricane Harvey, you are OVERWHELMED. We can help mitigate damages to ensure your insurance will cover the existing damage! , Roadrunner Moving & Storage is a pro-active Disaster Relief force here to help YOU!

Roadrunner’s trucks and crews are standing by to assist you with the following services:

– Content Manipulation: Remove furniture and other items from flooded areas & place them in a safe, dry location in your home.

– Mitigation of Loss: Retrieve & transport undamaged (dry) furniture and belongings to our secure storage facility.

– Extraction of Damaged Flooring/Sheetrock: Remove carpet and underlay, baseboards, and damaged sheetrock to the insurance approved height. We will bag everything up and place it outside of your home or office for local trash pick-up.

When ready you can reach a Roadrunner Moving and Storage professional by either calling:713-270-1616, texting: 281-460-5756, email, or visit our website www.roadrunner-moving.com.

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Roadrunner Moving & Storage Earns Certified Sustainable Moving and Storage Designation

Green Initiatives for Moving and Storage

Roadrunner Earns Sustainable Agent Designation

HOUSTON, TEXAS November 8, 2016 – ROADRUNNER MOVING & STORAGE announces today its Sustainable Agent Certification from leading mover Atlas Van Lines.
“We are so proud of Roadrunner Moving & Storage for supporting Atlas Van Lines’ commitment to the well-being of our people, company, communities and planet,” said Glen Dunkerson, chairman and CEO of Atlas World Group. “They understand that sustainable practices are not only critical for our planet and communities, but also good for business.”
To achieve certification and recognition, Roadrunner Moving & Storage completed a baseline of tasks and documented green efforts throughout the year in five areas, including materials management, transportation, business administration, facilities and community.

Roadrunner Moving & Storage has implemented numerous sustainable “green” initiatives within their operation as well as offering sustainable moving solutions for their clients.
Roadrunner Moving & Storage is honored to be recognized for furthering our green efforts,” said Nikki Muskopf, Green Initiative Champion of Roadrunner Moving & Storage. “We are proud to be art of the Atlas agency family and remain committed to our communities and planet.”

Atlas Van Lines developed the Sustainable Agent Certification program in cooperation with Sustainable America, a non-profit organization that consults in the areas of fuel and food conservation. Roadrunner Moving & Storage was recognized for its Sustainable Agent Certification at the 69th Annual Atlas Convention held Nov.16-18 in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.
For more information on Atlas Van Lines’ Sustainable Agent Certification, visit http://www.atlasvanlines.com/move-green. For more information on Roadrunner Moving & Storage’s moving services, visit http://www.roadrunner-moving.com.

About Atlas Van Lines
Atlas Van Lines, a national moving company, is the largest subsidiary of Atlas World Group, an Evansville, Ind.-based company. Atlas World Group companies employ nearly 700 people throughout North America. Nearly 500 Atlas interstate moving agents in the United States and Canada specialize in corporate relocation, household moving services and in the transportation of high-value items such as electronics, fine art, store fixtures and furniture. For more information, visit http://www.atlasvanlines.com.

About Roadrunner Moving & Storage, Houston, Texas
Since 1976, Roadrunner has been helping Texas companies, institutions, and families relocate: households, businesses, facilities, and inventory.

Armed with a diverse fleet of specialized equipment, warehouses, materials, and a team of professionals, Roadrunner will deliver for you. Local – international moving, office and industrial relocation, facility FF&E installations, lab installations, recycling support, restoration services, document management, and records storage services – Roadrunner is diverse!

Let Roadrunner assist you in the planning, execution, and maintenance of relocation projects, disasters, and events of any size or complexity. With the resources available through the Roadrunner Moving & Storage skilled team and global network:

Nikki Moskopf
Roadrunner Moving & Storage

Brooke Schafer
Atlas Van Lines
800-638-9797 XT 2377

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FF&E Installation in Houston Texas

Houston Mover Roadrunner Moving & Storage provides support to the hospitality and healthcare industries in the Houston area.

Roadrunner Moving & Storage provides turnkey logistics services for numerous large and small hotels and resorts for FF&E. Roadrunner Moving & Storage can successfully transport warehouse, deliver, and install FF&E and OS&E for hotel rooms. lobbies, conference centers, labs, and hospitals.

Hotel owners, developers, management companies, purchasing companies and general contractors have come to rely on Roadrunner Moving & Storage to support projects ranging from new hotel and resort installations to boutique Hotels. Roadrunner’s size and flexibility allows them to support multiple diverse projects at any given time.

Full services FF&E support can range from: Inventory Control, Freight Management, Warehousing. Project Management, Installation Services, and asset liquidation.

Roadrunner Moving & Storage has been Houston’s choice for FF&E installation support since 1976. For additional information on FF&E project support in Houston, Texas call one of the Roadrunner Moving & Storage FF&E professionals at 713-270-1616.

FF&E Installation Houston Texas

FF&E Installation Support Houston, Texas

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EMC – Environmentally Friendly Office Moving

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Roadrunner Moving & Storage offers environmentally friendly office relocation solutions. Roadrunner maintains a large fleet of office moving crates for safe and efficient office moving services.

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Last Mile Support: Critical Link in Supply Chain Efficiency

In today’s world of specialized logistics and supply chain distribution, one often overlooked critical link is that of the last mile support or final mile delivery.  This important element allows complex distribution networks to offer large scale truckload quantities to move into market areas where they are further sorted for individual deliveries typically inside of residential, retail, or office environments.

Roadrunner Moving and Storage has a proven track record of reliable supply chain support in Houston, Texas providing Manufacturers and National Retailers with leading edge last mile delivery and white glove installation services.  Roadrunner Moving and Storage proves daily their final mile expertise, as the final extension of many clients.  Roadrunner delivers an experienced team of trained professional staff, including: office, warehouse, delivery, and installation.  The Roadrunner professionals ensure product is delivered timely and damage free.

Roadrunner Moving and Storage offers tiered option delivery services including but not limited to: Warehousing in Houston, simple site delivery, over the threshold, final placement, and installation.

Supply chain warehousing with final mile and white glove sourcing in Houston, Texas should begin with a no obligation consultation with one of Roadrunner Moving and Storage last mile support professionals.

Warehousing in Houston - Final Mile White Glove delivery

Roadrunner Moving and Storage provides Warehousing in Houston with Final Mile White Glove Delivery


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Storage Auction Houston Texas

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International Moving Company Communication – Selection Tip #5

Communication, both as an “action” and a “thing”, is a very broad term and plays a vital role in the international relocation process.

International Relocation Communication

At Roadrunner International – Communication is part of our DNA

In order for your international shipment to safely navigate the complexities of: various modes of transport, procedural processes, diversity of geography, elements of nature, and societal borders; it is of utmost importance to have effective communication.   Selecting an international mover that has the capabilities to provide effective communication for both you and your precious cargo is extremely important in ensuring a successful international relocation.

Both the actions of timely communication within the supply chain and the “things” (tools) for communication are of mutual priority to achieving a successful relocation.

In order for the critical information elements to pass efficiently through the complex global supply chain, the communication culture or “DNA”, of your international relocation services provider must evidence one of an urgency of success to their clients. We will call this the “action” of communication.

Next, in order to achieve the goal of the active communication for their clients, the relocation provider must have the tools to provide the action.  In order to participate as a valuable global supply chain partner, your international relocation provider must possess tools beyond the traditional telephone, postal, telex, and email and reach across a broad spectrum of complexities, ie: data bases, web tools, social media, ERP’s, etc.

At Roadrunner Moving and Storage an international Moving company in Houston we understand that for our customers to have a smooth and trouble free international relocation experience we must continually enhance both our active communication as well as of our communication infrastructure.  This will help us to ensure communicating with and between: the transferees making the relocation overseas, operations staff that dispatches crews to the transferee’s residence, trucking companies that move shipments to and from ocean and air ports, carriers providing ocean and air services, government agencies that require important documents and agents responsible for services in foreign countries… the highest of priorities.

Failure to actively communicate client critical information to these supply chain partners will cause delays which may lead to potentially increased costs, time, frustrations, penalties, and other unnecessary costs.

When you are searching for an international moving company, make sure and contact  Roadrunner Moving and Storage when you need an estimate for international moving services.


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Tip #4 – Selecting an International Moving Company – Global Supply Chain Support

Previously we have shared the importance of selecting licensed international moving companies with experienced and highly skilled office and production staff.

Selecting an international moving company that maintains global supply chain partnerships will increase the likelihood of a successful international relocation. There are many household goods moving companies to choose from throughout the world; however, to have a working knowledge and proven network is a tremendous advantage to be realized.  A provider that invests time and training into these networks can offer that advantage.

Roadrunner Moving and Storage if FIDI Certified

FIDI Global Alliance membership will ensure the highest standards are maintained

The network which screens their membership through an extensive audit process is the FIDI Global Alliance.  With diligent screening FIDI maintains over 600 members in 100 countries worldwide. Each FIDI affiliate company complies with the rigorous FIDI-FAIM quality standard, generally accepted as the supreme professional industry standard worldwide. This ensures the consumers of international moving services will  have the highest quality of network support from beginning to end for their project.

Make certain the international moving company you choose is a FIDI affiliate.

Global International Moving and Storage Standards

FAIM ensures the worldwide standards

Roadrunner Moving & Storage is an International Moving company in Houston Texas and a member in good standing of FIDI.  Be sure to contact Roadrunner Moving & Storage for your International Moving and Storage relocation needs.

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Selection Tip #3 Experience Level of Packing and Moving Teams

Professional international moving team

Professional international moving team

We have previously advised you of the importance of selecting a FMC licensed international households goods moving company and also how important the experience of their coordinating staff are in providing the best international relocation possible. Of equal importance is the experience and skill level of the international packing and moving team that will be packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, securing, or securing  your shipment for overseas transport.

packaging furniture for international move

packaging furniture for international move

The majority of international relocations go by ocean. These voyages are typically at least 3 weeks on the water and can encounter rough conditions at some point. How your belongings are packed, loaded and secured will make a major difference in their condition

when you receive them. Roadrunner provides our international moving

Professional international packing

Professional international packing

customers with moving teams that are specifically trained in packing/unpacking, loading/unloading and securing/unsecuring international household goods shipments. The Roadrunner packing and moving teams have very little turnover and are dedicated international professionals.

Another critical part of the international moving process is the inventory. These inventories are used during the customs clearance process at your destination country. For those of you that will be relocating to

Container loading takes great skill

Container loading takes great skill

countries with the same house current as in the US you will undoubtedly be sending electronic items. The majority of these countries require that the make, model and serial# are listed on the inventory. Failure to do so will create delays and additional expenses. Crews that handle both domestic and international shipments many times fail to put this vital information on the inventory.

Very important finishing touch is the bulkhead.

Very important finishing touch is the bulkhead.

Roadrunner’s team of international moving specialist will protect your valued belongings from beginning to end and prevent these type of errors to make sure you have a smooth and stress free experience during the entire international relocation process.

Contact a Roadrunner Moving Professional to learn more about the importance of their experience for your international move.

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Previously we discussed the importance of selecting an international moving company that is also an FMC licensed and bonded international forwarder. The next very important component of selecting the right international moving company has to do with the level of staff and company experience. This article will focus on the importance of evaluating “staff experience” as a component of your selection criteria.

Choosing a company with experienced staff will help you to minimize or eliminate the many unforeseen challenges that can stress the process and budgets of a household goods international relocation.  The experienced international moving professional consultant team at Roadrunner Moving & Storage offer over 150 years of combined experience that will help you more effectively: Plan, budget, execute, and deliver a positive international household goods relocation experience for you and the precious cargo of your family.

For an example, your professional international consultant will measure the total cost of international moving realizing it is not limited to the actual moving cost alone.  An intimate working knowledge of the impact of such components as: shipment volume, transit timing, port congestion, export declarations, import procedures, cargo protection, network support partnerships, and the list goes on can dramatically impact your experience.   Your professional international household goods relocation professional should enable you to have the peace of mind to know that the logistics for your inventory have been optimized.

International Moving Company

Professional Moving Company with Experience

For a more in depth understanding of the value of selecting an International Moving Company with experienced international consulting staff, visit with one of the professional international relocation consultants at Roadrunner Moving & Storage.




In our next article we will review the “Experience of the company”.

Professional Household Goods Relocation ConsultantProfessional Household Goods Relocation ConsultantProfessional Household Goods Relocation Consultant

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